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We invite you to unwind and receive the massage that best suits your muscles and your mood!

We provide relaxation, sports, deep tissue and cupping techniques as well as pregnancy massage for all stages of pregnancy and post birth. All massages use natural warm oils and a hot steamy towel afterwards.

We are passionate about massage and are all fully qualified with many years of practice.

Treatment times start when the therapist starts the massage so you will get a full treatment time.

1/2 hr of back, neck & shoulders or a half hour express full body / $65

45 mins back/neck/shoulders and may include feet or hands/arms / $95

1 hour relaxation, sports or deep tissue massage – incl. feet, hands & head / $120

1.5 hrs really bliss out, no rush & when a little more time is what you need to relax / $170

2 hrs total relaxation / $210

1 Hour Extremities – Head, Hands & Feet. No need to get undressed / $120

Pregnancy Massage – / $120 for 1 hour and / $170 for 1.5 hour

Couples Massage – re-connect with your partner or share this experience with a friend. Having a massage at the same time in a room together creates a bond as well as leaving you with a sense of happiness and you will walk out ‘on the same level’ / $240 for 1 hour or / $320 for 1.5 hr

Friends/Groups – enquire about 3 or 4 people at the same time. This will depend on availability of therapists at the same time.



Our Natural Facials are designed to heal and relax your face, neck, head & mind, increasing oxygen to your skin and muscles while relaxing the muscles of the head, face and neck.

First you will receive a gentle exfoliation, then using sea sponge and warm water, the face scrub is removed, followed by hot steamy towels, then the cool natural face mask is applied and massaged in.

While the mask is working, we massage your arms and hands with one of our Olinda Skin Care creams. Sea sponge and water to take of the mask, followed by another steamy hot towel and finishing with our Fair Trade coconut butter massage of your face, head & neck.

We use totally natural, fresh ingredients such as avocado, locally made honey, strawberries, plain natural yoghurt, egg yolks from our own chickens and more, depending on your skin type.

Single One hour Facial treatment / $140 (includes a back/neck/shoulder massage)

Couple’s One Hour Facial Relax Package / $270

One hour made up of 2 half hour Facial treatments – a Natural Facial plus Hands/Feet Reflexology Scrub / $150

Ingredients may change due to availability from the the Mountain Wholefoods store in Olinda. All facials are completed with an organic Coconut Butter (Fair Trade) massage.


Hands and Feet Reflexology Scrubs

Sea Salt and Lemon Rind OR Himalayan Rock Salt, whole Orange and ground Cloves are combined as stimulating exfolliant, hot towels are applied to gently remove the exfolliant and then your feet and hands are massaged with Olinda Skin Care body butters using Reflexology techniques.

One hour of hand and foot relaxation which includes exfoliation to soften the skin, hot steamy towels, followed by a luxurious moisturising, cream based reflexology massage / $130

One Hour Relax package with 20min back/neck/shoulders massage plus 40min hands & feet / $140

This treatment includes a natural scrub made on the premises and hot steamy towels and an Olinda Skin Care body butter reflexology massage.

Products we use at Elle Naturale Olinda

We use all natural products on your skin and believe in the mantra “if it’s good enough to eat, it’s good enough to put on your skin” So, expect lovely nutritious things like avocado and honey, sea salt and lemon, coffee and coconut sugar, orange and clove.

Products we sell

We believe in the philosophy of all natural products that you can take home with you to continue your rejuvenation. We stock a range of locally made Olinda Skin Care body butters and hand creams for purchase as well as hand crafted natural soap from Earthwise Soaps and the Gem-Kind natural toothpaste range.